Motorcykel Kobling Friktion Plade Kit for SUZUKI SV650 DR650 DR650R VS750 VS800 VS800GL Intruder M800 VS 750 M 800 SV DR 650 7pcs



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Product Description

Skeleton Material : Aluminum skeleton; Friction Material: Paper base; Fight against impact strength:≥30N/CM2; Product Size: Width clutch plate size:152X138X116mm; Narrow clutch plate size:152X138X120mm; Thickness: 3MM One set: 7 pieces (include 6pcs width and 1pcs narrow)

Fit for SUZUKI

RG 250 Gamma GJ21A 83-91 DR 350 S SK42B 90-94 DR 350 SE SK42B 94-99 GSX 400 E GK53C 82-83 GSX 400 E, L, S GS40X 80-81 GSX 400 F 89- GSX 400 L GS40X 80-81 GSX 400 S GK53C 84-87 GS 450 GS450 80-81 GS 450 T GS450 80-81 GS 450 L GS450 80-81 GS 450 L GL51D 84-87 GS 450 S GL51C 84-88 GS 450 E,S GL51C 84-88 GS 500 E,EU GM51B 89-93 GS 500 E,EU GM51B 94-02 GS 500 E 78-79 GS 500 F WVBK 03-07 RG 500 Gamma HM31A 85 GS 550 GS550 77 GS 550 E GS550E 78-80 GS 550 L GS550E 80- GS 550 M GS550M 81-82 GS 550 T GS550E 81 VS 600 GLP VN51B 94-97 SV 650 AV111 99-02 DR 650 R,RS,RE RSE SP44B 90-93 DR 650 R,RS,RE RSE SP45B 94-96 VS750 Intruder GLF GLP VR51B 85-91 M 800 Intruder WVB4 05-15 VL800Intruder LC Volusia WVBM 01-06 VS 800 GL VS52B 92-00 VX 800 U VS51B 90-96 VZ 800 Marauder WVBM 97-09

Wear resistant

After 2000 times wear test, two-sided wear quantity ≤0.02mm Temperature : Performance remains unchanged while -25℃-180℃ is in use

Qualified clutch test

1.Soak for 12 hours in the oil of the 180 ℃ 15/w40-se gasoline engine, No cracking deformation. 2.After the road test 20,000 kilometers endurance test, the surface does not bubble, the oil groove does not grind, the performance does not descend. 3.No slippage phenomenon in loading climbing experiment.

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Tykkelse 3mm
Pakke 7pcs(inkluderer 6stk bredde og 1stk snæver kobling-plade)
Snævre kobling plade størrelse 152X138X120mm
Friktionsmateriale Papir, der er baseret
Model-Nummer SV650 DR650 DR650R VS750 VS800 VS800GL Intruder M800 VS 750 800 M
Slidbestandige Efter 2000 gange bære-test, to-sidet bære mængde ≤0.02 mm
Oprindelse KN(Oprindelse)
Bredde kobling plade størrelse 152X138X116mm
Kampen mod slagstyrke ≥30N/CM2
Skelet materiale Aluminium-skelet


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