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Rubber Dog Training Ball Toy with Throwing Handle For Reward Fetch Play

Ball Diameter: 5cm , 6cm , 7cm

Rope Size Around: 30cm

For Small Dog: Ball diameter: 5cm , rope size: 30cm , product: 5x30cm

For Medium Dog: Ball diameter: 6cm , rope size: 30cm , product: 6x30cm

For Large Dog: Ball diameter: 7cm , rope size: 30cm , product: 7x30cm

This rubber ball has a 30 cm cord with handle attached, so you can always stay in control.Perfect for tug-of-war, chase, or good, old-fashioned fetch - this toy is a canine classic!Ball is approx. 6 cm in diameter, cable is approx. 30 cm.Colour may differ from photo.Please note: Supervise your pet with this toy and check the toy regularly.T o avoid potential injury to your pet, if toy damaged please replace or remove.

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Sæt Type No
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Mærke Polo Pet
Bolden Materiale
Type Hunde
Materiale Plast
Legetøj Type Tygge Legetøj


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